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Samuel Tucker was a black attorney who routinely challenged Virginia's Jim Crow laws. He is best known for organizing the 1939 Alexandria Library sit-in protest to desegregate the facility. After WWII, he was an attorney for the NAACP.

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Maggie Walker holds the distinction of being the first American woman to charter a bank. She was heavily involved with the 1904 Richmond Streetcar boycott and the anti-lynching movement of the 1920s.

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Aline Black was the plaintiff in a lawsuit that challenged unequal pay for teachers.

Harry F. Byrd, a Virginia senator, governor and later a US senator, led the political machine known as the Byrd Organization, which dominated Virginia politics for forty years.

Sixteen year old Barbara Johns persuaded 450 students to walk out of Moton High School in Farmville until a new school was built for black students. Later the case became part of Brown v. Board of Education.
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