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Fix: Cannot Unpin Windows 10 FTP Links from Quick Access Menu

If you frequently use FTP to transfer files, you may have noticed that Windows 10 often pins FTP links to the Quick Access menu. This can be annoying if you don’t want those links taking up space in the menu. Luckily, there is a way to unpin them.

The problem occurs because Windows 10 automatically detects when you access an FTP site and pins the link to Quick Access. This can be useful if you always want easy access to your most frequently used FTP sites. However, if you only use FTP occasionally or if you have too many links pinned to Quick Access, it can be helpful to unpin them.

To unpin an FTP link from Quick Access, simply right-click on the link and select “Unpin from Quick Access”. This will remove the link from the menu. You can also unpin all FTP links at once by opening the Quick Access menu, selecting “FTP” from the “Frequent locations” list, and then clicking the “Unpin from Quick Access” button.

Fix: Cannot Unpin Windows 10 FTP Links from Quick Access Menu

How to Quickly Fix It

If you’re having trouble unpinning Windows 10 FTP links from your Quick Access menu, there’s a quick and easy fix that can help. Simply right-click on the FTP link that you want to unpin and select “Unpin from Quick Access.” This will unpin the link and allow you to remove it from your Quick Access menu.

Other Ways to Fix It

If you’re still having trouble unpinning a Windows 10 FTP link from the Quick Access menu, there are a few other potential fixes you can try.

First, try restarting your computer. This may sound like a simple solution, but sometimes a restart is all it takes to fix a minor software glitch like this.

If that doesn’t work, you can try resetting the Quick Access menu. To do this, open the Settings app and go to the System category. Then, click on “Storage” and find the “Reset Quick Access” option. Click it and confirm the reset to clear the Quick Access menu and start fresh.

Finally, if neither of those solutions works, you can try reinstalling the FTP client that you’re using. This will likely only be necessary if you’re using a third-party FTP client, as the default Windows FTP client should already be installed on your system.

If you’re still having trouble after trying all of these solutions, you may need to contact Microsoft support for further assistance.

How to Prevent It in the Future

If you are struggling with the same issue and want to prevent it from happening in the future, there are a couple things you can do. First, make sure that you always close any open FTP connections before you shut down or restart your computer. Second, avoid opening too many FTP connections at the same time. If you have multiple FTP connections open and one of them gets “stuck”, it can cause the others to become “stuck” as well. Finally, if you are using a third-party FTP client, consider switching to the built-in Windows 10 FTP client.


As you can see, it is not possible to unpin Windows 10 FTP links from the Quick Access menu. This is because these links are stored in the registry and there is no way to access or modify the registry from the Quick Access menu. If you need to unpin an FTP link, you will need to use a third-party registry editor such as Registry Editor or Regedit.

Fix: Cannot Unpin Windows 10 FTP Links from Quick Access Menu


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