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How to Create a Dual Boot for Windows and Ubuntu

A dual boot means having two operating systems installed on your computer, and being able to choose between them at startup. This can be useful if you want to use Ubuntu for certain tasks but still have Windows available if you need it.

Before you start, you’ll need to make sure you have enough space on your hard drive for both Windows and Ubuntu. If you’re not sure, 20 GB is a good minimum. You’ll also need a copy of Ubuntu, which you can download from Ubuntu.com.

Once you’ve got everything you need, follow these steps to set up your dual boot:

1. Start by backing up your important files. This is always a good idea before making any major changes to your system.

2. Next, create a bootable USB drive or DVD with the Ubuntu installer. This will allow you to boot into Ubuntu and begin the installation process.

3. Once you’ve got your boot media, restart your computer and boot from it. Choose the “Install Ubuntu” option when prompted.

4. The Ubuntu installer will ask you where you want to install the operating system. Choose the “Something else” option and create a new partition for Ubuntu. Make sure you leave enough space for Windows on the other partition.

5. Finish the installation process and restart your computer. You should now see a menu that allows you to choose between Ubuntu and Windows at startup.

How to Create a Dual Boot for Windows and Ubuntu

Why You Might Want to Do This

One reason you might want to create a dual boot system is if you’re a power user who likes to have access to both Windows and Linux. This way, you can have the best of both worlds.

Another reason you might want to do this is if you’re a developers who needs to use Windows for certain tasks, but prefers to use Linux for most of their work. Creating a dual boot system lets you have both operating systems installed on your computer, so you can switch between them as needed.

Finally, you might also want to create a dual boot system if you’re not sure which operating system you want to use. This way, you can try out both Windows and Linux without having to commit to one or the other. You can always delete one of the operating systems later if you decide you don’t need it.

What You’ll Need

In order to create a dual boot for Windows and Ubuntu, you’ll need a few things:

– A computer with a Windows operating system already installed.
– A Ubuntu installation disc or USB drive.
– A drive with enough space to accommodate both operating systems.

Once you have all of the above, you’re ready to get started!

How to Do It

Assuming you have Windows installed, you’ll need to create a partition for Ubuntu.

1. Start by backing up any important data on your Windows partition, and then restarting your computer.
2.Boot into your computer’s BIOS. This is usually done by pressing a key during startup, such as F2, Esc, or Del.
3. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the “Boot” tab, and then change the “Boot Order” so that your computer boots from the CD/DVD drive first.
4. Save your changes and exit the BIOS.
5. Insert the Ubuntu installation CD/DVD into your computer, and then restart it.
6. When presented with the “Welcome to Boot Menu” screen, press any key to continue.
7. Select your language, and then select “Install Ubuntu.”
8. Press “Enter” when presented with the “Install Ubuntu” screen.
9. Select “Download updates while installing Ubuntu,” and then press “Continue.”
10. Select “Erase disk and install Ubuntu,” and then press “Continue.”
11. Select your time zone, and then press “Continue.”
12. Select your keyboard layout, and then press “Continue.”
13. Enter your name, username, password, and then press “Continue.”
14. Wait for the installation to finish, and then restart your computer.
15. You should now be presented with a screen asking you to “Choose your operating system.” Choose Ubuntu, and then press “Enter.”

And that’s it! You should now have a dual-boot system with Windows and Ubuntu.

What to Do Afterwards

Assuming you have successfully installed Windows and Ubuntu on your computer, you will now need to configure the boot settings. This will allow you to choose which operating system you want to use when you start up your computer.

1. Open the Ubuntu Dash and search for “Startup Disk Creator”.
2. Select your USB drive that contains the Ubuntu installation.
3. click “Make Startup Disk”.
4. Reboot your computer and select the USB drive from the boot menu.
5. Select “Try Ubuntu without installing”.
6. When Ubuntu loads, open the Dash and search for “boot-repair”.
7. Run the boot-repair utility and follow the prompts.
8. Reboot your computer and you should now be able to choose between Windows and Ubuntu at the boot menu.

How to Create a Dual Boot for Windows and Ubuntu


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