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How to Fix FiveM Randomly Crashing on Windows 10/11

If you’re experiencing crashes with FiveM on Windows 10 or 11, there are several potential causes and solutions. This guide will walk you through some of the most common causes and solutions for crashing FiveM.

How to Fix FiveM Randomly Crashing on Windows 10/11

What is FiveM?

FiveM is a multi-player modification for the Grand Theft Auto V gaming platform. Developed by CitizenFX, FiveM allows players to connect to custom-built servers running the modification and play in online multiplayer games.

Players can participate in a variety of game modes, including races, deathmatches, and role-playing scenarios. FiveM also supports user-created custom content, such as maps, vehicles, and missions.

FiveM has been praised for its ability to allow players to create their own game modes and content. However, the mod can also be unstable, and has been known to crash randomly on some systems.

Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to fix FiveM crashing on your Windows 10 or 11 computer.

1) Make sure that you have the latest version of FiveM.

The latest version of FiveM is always available on the official website. If you are having issues with FiveM crashing, make sure that you are running the latest version.

2) Try running FiveM in Safe Mode.

If FiveM is crashing on your computer, try running it in Safe Mode. To do this, open the FiveM application and click on the “Safe Mode” button.

This will launch FiveM in a safe environment, which can help to stability issues.

3) Check your computer’s hardware.

Make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for FiveM. Additionally, if you are using an older or lower-end computer, you may want to try running FiveM in lower quality settings.

4) Try running FiveM as an administrator.

Sometimes, FiveM may need administrator privileges to run properly. To do this, right-click on the FiveM shortcut and select “Run as administrator.”

5) Disable any mods or custom content.

If you are using any mods or custom content, try disabling them and see if that fixes the issue. FiveM is not always compatible with all mods, and some mods can cause stability issues.

If you are still having issues with FiveM crashing on your computer, you may want to try contacting the FiveM support team. They may be able to help you troubleshoot the issue further.

Why Does FiveM Randomly Crash on Windows 10/11?

There are a number of potential reasons why FiveM might randomly crash on Windows 10/11. Here are some of the most common causes:

1) Outdated or corrupt drivers: One of the most common causes of crashes is outdated or corrupt drivers. This is particularly true for graphics drivers. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card and ensure that they are compatible with Windows 10/11.

2) Memory leaks: Memory leaks can cause crashes by using up all of the available memory, causing the system to freeze up or reboot. To check for memory leaks, use a tool like Windows Task Manager or Process Explorer to monitor the memory usage of FiveM. If you see the memory usage constantly increasing, then there is likely a memory leak.

3) Overheating: If your system overheats, it can cause random crashes. Make sure your system is well-ventilated and that you are not blocking any airflow. You can also try lowering the graphics settings to reduce the amount of heat generated.

4) Hardware issues: If your system is crashing randomly, it could be due to hardware issues. Try running a diagnostics tool like memtest86 to check for any problems with your RAM. If you have a dedicated graphics card, you can also try running a stress test to check for stability issues.

5) Software conflicts: If you are experiencing crashes only when using certain software, it is likely that there is a conflict between that software and FiveM. Try uninstalling any recently installed software and see if that resolves the issue. If you are using mods, make sure they are up to date and compatible with the latest version of FiveM.

If you are still experiencing crashes after trying the above solutions, it is possible that there is a more serious issue with your installation of FiveM. In this case, you may need to uninstall and reinstall FiveM.

How to Fix FiveM Randomly Crashing on Windows 10/11

If you are encountering crashes while playing FiveM on Windows 10/11, there are a few potential fixes you can try:

1) Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. Outdated drivers can sometimes cause crashes.

2) Try turning off any overlays or other graphics-intensive features that may be running in the background. Overlays can sometimes cause crashes on certain systems.

3) If you are using an antivirus program, try adding an exception for FiveM in the program’s settings. This can help to resolve crashes caused by antivirus software.

4) Make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements for FiveM. If your system does not meet the minimum requirements, you may experience crashes.

5) Try verifying the integrity of your FiveM files. This can help to fix crashes caused by corrupted game files.

If you are still experiencing crashes after trying these potential fixes, please contact FiveM support for further assistance.


If your FiveM installation is randomly crashing on your Windows 10 or 11 computer, it is likely due to a corrupt or outdated game file. To fix this issue, you can try verifying the integrity of your game files through Steam or by reinstalling the game. If you continue to experience crashes, you may need to delete your FiveM cache folder or update your graphics drivers.

How to Fix FiveM Randomly Crashing on Windows 10/11


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