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What is ielowutil.exe and Should I Remove It?

If you’re wondering what ielowutil.exe is and whether or not you should remove it, you’re in the right place. Ielowutil.exe is a process that belongs to the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration Utility. It’s a security measure that’s designed to make Internet Explorer more secure. However, it can also make it slower and more difficult to use. Whether or not you should remove it depends on how you use Internet Explorer and how important security is to you.

What is ielowutil.exe and Should I Remove It?

What is ielowutilexe?

Ielowutilexe is a system process that is responsible for managing certain aspects of Internet Explorer, such as add-ons and browser extensions. It is located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder and is a safe file that should not be removed.

What are the potential risks of keeping ielowutilexe on my computer?

The risks of keeping ielowutilexe on your computer are minimal. This executable is used by Internet Explorer to help low-end machines render web pages faster. It is not considered a security risk and is not known to be malicious. However, keeping any unnecessary executable on your computer can potentially clutter your system and slow it down. If you are not using Internet Explorer, or if you do not think you need this file, you can safely remove it from your system.

How can I remove ielowutilexe from my computer?

Ielowutilexe is a process that is associated with the Windows operating system. It is responsible for managing low-level processes and is considered a system process. While it is not a critical component, it is recommended that you do not remove it from your computer. If you do want to remove it, you can do so through the Windows Task Manager.


If you’re seeing the ielowutil.exe process in Task Manager, then it’s likely that you have the Intel Wireless Display software installed on your computer. This software is used to wirelessly connect your computer to a TV or other display, and is generally considered to be safe and harmless. However, if you’re not using the Intel Wireless Display software, or if you suspect that it may be causing problems on your computer, you can safely remove it by uninstalling the relevant software from your machine.

What is ielowutil.exe and Should I Remove It?


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